The Underground Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto, the so-called Ringelblum Archive is a unique collection of documents that are one of the world’s most significant testimonies about the extermination of Polish Jewry.

The Archives of the JHI have gathered the biggest in Poland collection of documents concerning the history of Polish Jews, in particular the period of the Second World War and post-war fate of the Holocaust survivors. The oldest archival materials are 17th-century documents of Jewish communities from Lviv, Poznań, Trakai and Żółkiew. The Archives also include rich collections of documentation of Jewish communities from Kraków, Wrocław, and the region of Silesia. 

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A separate fonds among the Institute's collections is the Underground Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto called the Ringelblum Archive, a unique Holocaust testimony registered by UNESCO as "Memory of the World" World Heritage  . 

The Ringelblum Archive

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