Research groups

The Research Group on Editing the Ringelblum Archive

The research group at the Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute working on a complete edition of the Underground Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto collection (the Ringelblum Archive) which waslisted on UNESCO’s “Memory of the World” Registerin 1999– received, on October 31st, 2012 by decision of the Minister of Science and Higher Education, a grant in the amount of 2,137,876 PLN under the National Program for the Development of the Humanities for the realization of this project. So far, there have appeared in the Ringelblum Archives series seven volumes of documents; the next two volumes will appear in print later this year. Thanks to the grant, we plan to publish a further 22 volumes in the years 2013–2017.

Editor-in-chief: prof. dr hab. Tadeusz Epsztein

Coordinator: dr Katarzyna Person

the warsaw ghetto encyclopedia workshop

The Warsaw Ghetto Encyclopedia Workshop is the title of a research project, which aims at presenting a possibly complete and detailed picture of the Warsaw Ghetto. Despite a growing number of source materials and research publications, many questions still need more insight. Basing on vast resources – above all, on the documents from the Ringelblum Archive – research team members work on a number of issues regarding history, economy, social and cultural life in the Warsaw Ghetto. Results will be published online.

The Encyclopedia will be complemented by an interactive map, prepared on the base of collected materials.

Head of the group: prof. Andrzej Żbikowski

The Research Group on Jewish Spirituality on Polish soil

The research group „Jewish Spirituality on Polish Soil was organized by the Jewish Historical Institute and the Judaic Studies Institute of Warsaw University. The group will deal with all kinds of manifestations of religious and spiritual life of Polish and European Jews over the centuries. Members of the group will successively present findings of their current studies as well as their planned and ongoing research projects. Results of the group’s work will be gathered and published as a collective work, „Jewish Spirituality in Poland,” part II, in 2014. 

Chairman of the groupdr hab. Jan Doktór (ŻIH), dr hab. Michał Galas (Instytut Judaistyki UJ)

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