Examining the wartime graves

The Jewish Heritage Documentation Department at the Jewish Historical Institute, together with the Rabbincal Commission for Jewish Cemeteries in Poland is conducting research on Jewish graves and execution sites from the World War II period.

The project is supported by The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany. It will last until the beginning of 2018.

One of the main goals of the project is searching for forgotten graves of the victims of the Holocaust, determining the course of executions and the personal data of the victims. The research is based on a few keystones. The first one are the last living witnesses of the Holocaust of Polish Jews, who may know the location of the graves. The second are historical documents from the Archives of the Jewish Historical Institute and the Institute of National Remembrance, where we search for information about the course of the Final Solution in particular towns and villages. The third source is ground radar research. Due to such diverse methods and tools, we are able to reach forgotten sites of death and burial of Polish Jews, we can trace the borders of graves and save the names of the victims from oblivion. Collected information – personal data, photographs, interviews and maps will be included in the Documentation Department collection at the JHI. All the research and examination is conducted without disturbing the graves, in order to respect tha law and the Jewish tradition, in which sanctity of a grave is a very important principle.

The research we’re conducting is aimed at locating Jewish graves from the World War II period, marking them on a map and establishing the identity of people buried there. We began our research from the Łomża county, which will be followed by Kolno and Zambrów counties.

Aside from field work, our priority is to cooperate with local communities – including meetings with representatives of schools, culture institutions and locat authorities. The plan of the project includes also meetings with people of towns and villages in which the research is conducted. During the meetings, we present the results of our research in their area, as well as the search for Jewish wartime graves conducted across Poland – the results, methodology and significance.


Jewish Historical Institute and the Commission would like to ask people of Łomża, Kolno and Zambrów counties to provide information about collective and individual graves of the victims of the Holocaust.

Please send letters to following addresses:

Komisja Rabiniczna do spraw Cmentarzy, ul. Twarda 6, 00–950 Warszawa, tel./fax: 22 624 14 84,


Dział Dokumentacji, Żydowski Instytut Historyczny im. Emanuela Ringelbluma, ul. Tłomackie 3/5, 00–090 Warszawa, tel.: (22) 827 92 21 w. 130. 




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