Jewish child from Warsaw

Frédéric Rousseau

Jewish child from Warsaw

A story of a photograph

Jewish Historical Institute/ słowo, obraz, terytoria
Publication year
978-83-61850-05-2, 978-83-7453-079-8

Today, everybody knows the photograph of a Jewish child from the Warsaw Ghetto: with time, its character became „an icon” of Shoah. Reproduced on first pages of magazines and book covers, the photograph has become a source of inspiration for artists; it has been reframed and as a result it has become an image of compassion deprived of any kind of reference to the perpetrators. Frédéric Rousseau deconstructs and interprets this historical story from 1943 till now and wonders about our attitude towards this image, which is already a part of collective memory and which we look at without really seeing it. 

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