It used to be my home

Noemi Bażanowska

It used to be my home

Jewish Children’s Home in Cracow in the years 1945–1957

Jewish Historical Institute/Academic Bookstore
Publication year
978-83-61850-72-4, 978-83-7638-129-9

„The children were different. There were very nervous ones, very nervous... They cried and screamed and searched; nobody knew why one of them had parents and the other did not. Because there were such children who found their families, and the ones who to the very end had not heard from anyone. I knew I had parents but I didn’t know where. We had lost touch. (...) And so I stayed in the Children’s Home. Other life did not exist for me. I knew that it was all for me, that it was my family, that there wasn’t anything else...”

(Zina K., Haifa 2007)

Recently, the number of works devoted to the history and culture of Polish Jews has been growing substantially; however, we still lack a monograph on particular aspects of the Jewish society. Noemi Bażanowska’s work, though mainly devoted to the fate of one of the orphanages, is in fact the first case study of the fate of a Jewish child just after the war. (...) The author bases her work on sources previously uncommon in Polish research. The work is also valuable, from the point of view of both cognition and pleasure of reading, because historical description is accompanied by contemporary interviews with poeple who were brought up in Cracow’s Children’s Home, the majority of whom live in Israel. (...) By reading this book we will increase our knowledge and, I hope, sensitivity towards the fates of „the least innocent” victims of the last war.

(Dr Helena Datner)

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