Alice on the other side of the door

Alice Coleman Schelling

Alice on the other side of the door

Jewish Historical Institute
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Alice Coleman Schelling talks about first thirteen years of her life — from early childhood in Łódź in the 1930s to the end of the Second World War. Safe life of a little girl turns into a series of escapes, wandering, hiding and fear and later unfree labour in a German factory. The author shows how consciousness of a child that is forced to pretend to be somebody they are not in order to hide their Jewish identity, name and religion is developed.

Alice Coleman Schelling vividly describes historical background, which is often a shocking one. However, she is always able to see the beauty in the world around her. With great empathy, she draws portraits of people important to her: her family, relatives and those who fate let her meet during the most difficult times — she owes her life to many of them. Her book, being a testimony and remembrance of people who did not manage to survive the war, is also a song in honour of life.

The book was published in the series: „WSPOMNIENIA, RELACJE, DZIENNIKI” [Memoirs, Accounts, Diaries].

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