Legal situation of the Jews in Poland in 1918–1939

Jerzy Ogonowski

Legal situation of the Jews in Poland in 1918–1939

Civil and constitutional laws

Jewish Historical Institute
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„[The work of Jerzy Ogonowski] will be essential for the progress of studies on the history of Polish law during the interwar period, as well as for all historians studying the history of national minorities [...], especially the Jews. This is a big step forward in the study of the history of Polish Jews in the twentieth century.”

(extract of a review by prof. Jerzy Tomaszewski)


„The undertaken research and preparation of a coherent monograph by Dr Jerzy Ogonowski fills the gap in historical-legal literature. The monograph allows you to explore and understand the intricacies of the Polish authorities’ policy towards the Jewish minority, which was reflected by legal norms and how they were applied by courts and administrative bodies."

(extract of a review by prof. Michał Pietrzak)

Dr Jerzy Ogonowski (1927–2008) — a graduate of the Law Faculty at the University of Warsaw, law historian, specialising in political and legal issues of national and religious minorities in interwar Poland (1918–1939). Author of the book „Uprawnienia językowe mniejszości narodowych w Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej 1918–1939” [Linguistic rights of national minorities in interwar Poland (1918–1939)] (pub. Wydawnictwo Sejmowe, Warsaw, 2000). He conducted a detailed research on the Jewish community in interwar Poland. As a result, a monograph entitled „Jewish Communities in Poland in the years 1918–1939” was supposed to be published. Lengthy reference materials, collected and organised, and edited results of recent research of the author are awaiting publication and wider dissemination.

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