Ghetto Diary — Drawings from the Warsaw Ghetto Underground Archive

Collective work

Ghetto Diary — Drawings from the Warsaw Ghetto Underground Archive

Jewish Historical Institute
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A series of five drawings by Rozenfeld, most likely made in the fall and winter of 1941, illustrates the reality of the Jewish ghetto in Warsaw. Comments written by Rozenfeld himself constitute an integral part of each of the drawings. They refer to particular stories and scenes, include detailed information on places, dates and in some cases also the names of the presented people. The series is in fact a chronicle of drawings and texts depicting so called everyday life within the walls of the ghetto. Probably it was created to order of Ringelblum’s underground archive. 

The drawings by Rozenfeld complement a drawing by Witold Lewinson and frames from a contemporary video-projection of Mirosław Bałka entitled „apple T.” made in the area of the Treblinka extermination camp.

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