„Expressing the inexpressible”

Karolina Ruta

„Expressing the inexpressible”

Analysis and interpretation of the Theatre Studies by Roman Brandstaetter „Jesus of Nazareth”

Jewish Historical Institue
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"The work by Karolina Ruta is situated within the area oflinguistic stylistics. Its subjects are description, analysis and interpretation of selected, stylistically marked (with distinctive features) elements of the language and text structure of the Theatre Studies by Roman Brandstaetter „Jesus of Nazareth”. The complexity and specificity of the subject of this analysis imposed on the researcher a necessity to reconcile the various methods, formed on the basis of different research paradigms of linguistics. Adopted by the author the theoretical and methodological assumptions and the applied research instruments should be regarded as genuine, thoughtful, and above all, appropriate and adequate both for the intended purpose of the dissertation, as well as the accumulated language material. [...] Every reader of the dissertation will find among its results those that will particularly interest them and to which they will be willing to assign special significance. [...]

I believe that the work by Karolina Ruta will reach a wide circle of those interested in linguists, literary scholars, theologists, Biblical and religious scholars, and finally, the growing number of the enthusiasts of Roman Brandstaetter.”

Prof. zw. dr hab. Bogdan Walczak

Karolina Ruta — a literary scholar, assistant professor in the Grammar Department of Contemporary Polish Language and Onomastics at the Institute of Polish Philology at Adam Mickiewicz University. The focus of her research are linguistic stylistics, textual criticism, Roman Brandstaetter’s idiolect, and Polish sign language and methodology of teaching sign language as a foreign language. She is also a spokesperson for the Roman Brandstaetter Association. She is the winner of the fifth edition of the Majer Balaban Competition for the best doctorate and master degrees on the Jewish subject matter, organized by the Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute and the winner of the Artur Rojszczak Award given by Klub Stypendystów Fundacji na rzecz Nauki Polskiej.

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