Storming immortality

Aleksander Peczerski

Storming immortality


Jewish Historical Institue
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Alexander Aronowicz Pechersky was born in Kremenchuk in Ukraine on 22nd February 1909. He came from a Jewish family. In October 1941, he was taken captive by the Germans, and in September 1942 he was transferred to the SS labor camp in Szeroka street in Minsk. He stayed there until his deportation to the German death camp at Sobibor. After escaping from Sobibor, he joined one of the Soviet partisan units. After the war he lived in Rostov, where he died in 1990.

„With Sasha Pechersky, we knew each other from the camp in Minsk. They brought us to Sobibor in the same transport. He stood out, tall, handsome and older prisoners in Sobibor, who had been there for 17 months, started looking at us carefully. They noticed Pechersky, and understood that he was an officer. They organized an uprising committee, and he became the head of it. It was Sasha who organized the revolt of the prisoners. Thanks to his, we survived the camp and war. "

Siemion Rozenfeld (Tel Aviv) – prisoner of Sobibor

Storming immortality is a report from the German death camp in Sobibor. It is a document thanks to which the world learned about the crimes committed there on the Jews, and the guilty of these murders could be prosecuted. This is a reminder and a warning, but above all it is a testimony to heroism of those sentenced to death, their escape from the camp, and the triumph of dignity.

The book was published in the series: „WSPOMNIENIA, RELACJE, DZIENNIKI” [Memoirs, Accounts, Diaries].

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