Jew — the eternal enemy?

Alina Cała

Jew — the eternal enemy?

Anti-Semitism in Poland and its origins

Jewish Historical Institute
Publication year
978-83-61850-68-7, 978-83-62795-08-6

Alina Cała’s book goes far beyond current works on Polish anti-Semitism. The author’s aim was not only, as it usually is, to describe, in greater detail or not, all actions, statements and opinions which were unfriendly or hostile towards the Jews, but also to explain the origins (or maybe we should even say: pre-origins) of aversion to the Jewish society. The motto and core of the whole book could be the following statement: „The ideology of anti-Semitism is a closed construct, it reacts to the changing reality only in a small degree, and it is even more prone to borrow from itself.” The author managed to perfectly illustrate this thesis. 

Prof Anna Landau-Czajka


On 11th October, 2012 took place a promotion of Alina Cała’s book

Illustrations from the book

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