Jewish Community in Warsaw 1918–1939

Rafał Żebrowski

Jewish Community in Warsaw 1918–1939

In the circle of politics

Jewish Historical Institute
Publication year

"The book is to be the first volume of an extensive work intended by the author — a comprehensive history of the Jewish Community of Warsaw during the Second Polish Republic. The author has collected a huge material. He included [...] a lot of documents — resolutions, the process of discussion. This material is still very little known, and therefore rarely used by other historians. The archives of the Community were destroyed during the war. Thus, the primary source of information is the press of the time.

The author also used residual government archives. [...] The reading [...] list is impressive. This work is an important contribution to the study of the history of Jews in Poland and Polish-Jewish relations.”

(Prof. dr hab. Szymon Rudnicki)

The book has been published within the series Works of the Warsaw Research Group of the Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute (subseries: Na bezdrożach modernizacji [The wilderness of modernization])

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