Jewih children during the Holocaust period

Edited by Olga Orzeł

Jewih children during the Holocaust period

Early testimonies 1944–1948. Children’s accounts from the collections of the Central Jewish Historical Commission

Jewish Historical Institue
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These accounts scream, terrify and hurt. They are the words of the weakest among the victims of the crimes - children. Helpless, hungry, thirsty, scared to death. The fact that they survived is a miracle. They witnessed the worst of all heinous crimes of the Germans, Ukrainians and sometimes also their Polish neighbours. The accounts are written down  just as the children told them. The simplicity of these descriptions is the guarantee of credibility. It is difficult reading. It demands from the reader something more than concentration and empathy. This book makes us feel helpless. 

They are accounts given just after the war, with still live memory of details of both those who saved lives and those who destroyed them. It is obligatory reading for all people improving their knowledge of the holocaust of the Jews and wishing to learn about Polish countryside and how Polish towns functioned during the war and what kind of attitude local people had to the Jews in hiding. There are no accusations or justifications. There is pure truth of the children's testimony.

Paweł Śpiewak

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