Holocaust testiomnies

Lawrence L. Langer

Holocaust testiomnies

The Ruins of Memory

Jewish Historical Institue
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Remembering the Holocaust is the fate of a person whose spiritual eyes remain forever open because he survived such suffering which cannot be forgotten. It is rare that these memories take the form of remembering heroic deeds — it is hard to find traces of spiritual resistance in the accounts of war. Usually they are memories of humiliation and agony. These memories show a wrecked man unable to tell his full story, a man who fights his own memories any way he can.

Lawrence L. Langer author of many works dedicated to the literature of the Holocaust is a pioneer in research into types of memories and narration. He asks: are we able to comprehend what survivors went through, are we able to believe it? Can we, born late, have enough compassion in our imaginations? It is undoubtedly the most extraordinary work focused on how the memories of Holocaust victims function, it helps us understand the huge amount of memory literature and what we call oral history.

Paweł Śpiewak


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