Surviving the Holocaust in Lviv

Edmund Kessler

Surviving the Holocaust in Lviv

Jewish Historical Institute
Publication year

It is the second, modified and enhanced edition of memoirs of Edmund Kessler.

When in June 1941 the German invasion of the Soviet Union began and the Nazis seized Lviv, the Ukrainian residents of the city gave away Poles and Ukrainians apparently cooperating with NKVD. It was the Jews who suffered the most — placed in the ghetto, labor camps, and finally extermination camps. Within the pogrom which lasted four weeks, around 4 thousand Jewish residents of Lviv were murdered on the spot. When the Germans had been forced out of the city, only 200–300 Jews were still alive, surviving in hiding. Among them was Edmund Kessler, a lawyer in Lviv, who described his experiences in a diary.

The book was published in the series: „WSPOMNIENIA, RELACJE, DZIENNIKI” [Memoirs, Accounts, Diaries].

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