The Jewish Historical Institute

Zuzanna Flisowska, Michał Krasicki

The Jewish Historical Institute

Jewish Historical Institute
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The guidebook about the Jewish Historical Institute provides us with the most important information about its history, collections and current activities.

The Institute is located in one of the few buildings that remained of pre-war Tłomackie, which used to gather intellectual and cultural life of Jewish Warsaw. The first part of the guidebook is dedicated to the description of this remarkable world.

The next three chapters depict the most important and beautiful items stored in the Institute’s Archive, Museum and Library. Thanks to many previously unpublished illustrations, the book will take the reader on a fascinating tour around the collections of the Institute, giving idea of their richness and historical significance.

The scope of the activity of the Institute is not limited only to editing, preserving and making the collections available to the general public. Therefore, in the last part of the guidebook, the reader will find information about the Genealogy Department and the Publishing House, about digitization and educational activity, about exhibitions, education and also cultural events. Practical information will facilitate making use of the offer of the Institute.

(Zuzanna Flisowska)


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