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Educational portal Delet (Hebrew: ‘door’)

The Delet (Hebrew: ‘door’) portal is an innovative, technologically advanced tool for developing educational materials, virtual lessons and exhibitions on the basis of resources collected in our digital repository – the Central Jewish Library.

Delet is an element of the multiannual Oneg Szabat program, which aims at popularizing the legacy of the Oneg Shabbat group – the Underground Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto. It provides a unique opportunity not only to study the original materials but also to build academic and educational presentations.

Delet is addressed at school and university students, teachers, academics, enthusiasts, and everyone interested in the history and culture of Polish Jews. A logged-in user will have access to highest quality digital copies which allow to study even smallest details of the scan. One can modify the parametres of an image (colour saturation, contrast), maximize or specify particular sections, add notes and bokmarks in order to mark interesting fragments. Copies of documents are being provided with metadata by the Inventory Department of the JHI.

Presentations can be prepared for private use or shared with others. Portal also offers free lessons and guided tours presenting key information about Jewish history and culture, as well as interesting, lesser known details about our resources.

In mid-November, we will publish materials related to the new permanent exhibitions, „What we were unable to shout out to the world”, dedicated to the Oneg Shabbat group.

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The Delet portal is a part of the Oneg Szabat Program launched by the Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute and the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute of Poland within a public-private partnership.

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