„First, thank you for the depths of my heart for the time, attention and empathy during our meeting at your office in Warsaw. Our meeting has been deeply engraved in my heart as the emotional climax of my experiences in visiting the renewing city of Warsaw.
You personal and humane attitude, as well as your methodical and professional conduct, greatly impressed and surprised me.
Your important and blessed one-of-a-kind institute is a beam of light and hope, comfort and relief, while remembering and reflecting on the history of our people.”

„The time we spent with you remains on our memories, and discussions between ourselves and with family and friends, inspiring and stunning. i am impressed with the range of your expertise no less than your dedication to those you’re working with. the investigations i began with you are leading me on into areas i hadn’t even yet seen. already, i’ve found at least traces of family long lost, and with that, cultures long lost, waiting for us.”

„Any time somebody tried to say a word, they all started crying so we gave up. Our family history was mostly one big silent. On behalf of all the family in Israel we would like to thank for the wonderful and extraordinary gift you gave all us after ore than 70 years. God bless you. Amen.”

„This is amazing. I need a day or two to read and understand.”

„You have been wonderful. And you have made me realize that finding more is possible and I intend to do so. Thank you so much for all that you did to set us on the right path.”

„Thank you very much for your thoughtful and informative reply. I find this all extremely fascinating and interesting and heartbreaking.”

„You have no idea what this information means for us. It is difficult even to find the right words for it what we feel. Danusia is for us a family member, my grandmother thought about her always as if she was a sister. The whole life she couldn’t accept, that Danusia was taken.”

„I often think of how my father z”l would have enjoyed all this info.”

„Thank you again for your time, your invaluable advice, your willingness to help and your kindness. I remain amazed at the amount of knowledge that you have.”

„It was a great honor and pleasure to meet you. I would like to acknowledge you for your fantastic work, thank you so much for illuminating and guiding me in the past of my family.”

„Thank you very much. For the time you dedicated to me and for the search for my grandfather family. Your attention to my story and patients was incredible.”

„This is wonderful and exciting information that I never could have imagined receiving. To be able to put the relationships together and learn more about family beyond Berek and Estera is truly incredible. Thank you so much!”

„You have given me a new mission.”

„I’m so overwhelmed and touched that I don’t know where to start!!!”

„I am utterly shocked and impressed with the speed at which you were able to respond to me. I think that is quite a good haul of information for one simple email I’ve sent you.”

„I am deeply moved, as I think that you’ve helped us complete a part in our family puzzle that was missing.”

„I want to thank you again from the bottom of my heart for all, you have done for us in giving us back our history and re-connecting us to the place where we’re from. Which I realize can still be home to us in some way that I am just beginning to learn about.”

„You are incredible. You found the homes where my family lived in Warsaw. I am so grateful for all your work, what a treat.”

„The information you have provided is fantastic, unexpected, and wonderful. Thank you so much!”

„You have no idea how much I appreciate the work that you do. You make a difference in somebody’s life by sharing this information.”

„Thank you again for your part in assisting me on this wonderful journey through the homeland of my ancestors.”

„You have the power to connect people again. You have such a strong power!”

„Thank you so much for all your work and for your incredible sense of humour throughout!!! You are simply the BEST!!!!"

„Thank you so much for your time and expertise in helping us with our genealogical journey. And you gave us a new perspective in terms of my own work, and challenging my assumptions."

„HOLY SH*T!!! Excuse my french, this is dynamite!!! I am so excited right now, i dont know what to do! Thank you so much!”

„Wow. I found that absolutely fascinating.”

„I just arrived back to Israel and still with great emotions after the visit to Poland and in particular after the visit with you.”

„I’m still impressed by our communication few years ago and tell about it to all my friends and sarrounding.”

„Thank you again for all of your invaluable help and research.”

„Always trying to help and track our lost roots. Just amazing how one person, one group, makes the WHOLE difference. Thank you Jewish Genealogy at JHI team.” 

„For these days without answers, you or giving a sign of life.”

„I still think of our talk and how life-changing it was.”

„I cannot express what I felt when I read your email. The information you had given me made me have tears of happiness and also sad because I do not have my Dad to share them with.”

„I have been thinking so much about our first meeting in the fabulous house that bear the Ringleblum’s archives. I remember with vivid emotion the moment you searched for my grand-mother Syma and the way you travelled all Poland impressed me forever.”

„I think you have really given me a big gift here. I feel overhelmed with this information that is so important to me, and my children (two young men). I have been looking for this for many years. Thank you for all your careful and precise work, I am very grateful. Your work is important to so many persons disconnected from their histories; you help put these families back together.”

„We have had such a busy year since returning from our amazing trip to Poland. We will always remember your warmth, professionalism and support with helping us find more connections of our ancestry in Poland.”

„I am very grateful for all your help with my search, and I definitely want to give you credit for your research genius.”

„An amazing facility with wonderful efficient researchers who helped me clear up my ’ lost Polish family’ enquiry.”

„Thank you again!!! This is simply extraordinary!!!”

„I have got your mail three days ago and i am still astonish from it...”

„You have made me so happy!! You found the address of my grandmother and grandfather!! Now I have a place to visit. You are indeed an angel.”

„You are amazing, really extraordinary. Thank you, thank you, thank you!“

„I am not able to express in words my feelings, which I have after receiving the letter. Maybe it sounds trivally, but suddenly I have roots and a past.”

„Thank you again. My mother and her brother are both in tears over the last few days thanks to the research you have helped me conduct!”

„Again you made my night! You made it a late night! Thank you!”

„Thanks for this beautiful gift and answers to these questions. I never knew and always wanted to know.”

„With all my heart, thank you for this. A gift that has immeasurable value.”

„Thank you so much for all of this information – they open to me the different, not known time and the people become three dimensional.”

„Thank you for your time and the amazing information you found. You made my visit even better.“

„With your help we returned home encouraged, with a feeling that we strengthened our family roots. Thank you very much for your excellent and devoted work."

„I want to express again my entire families deep appreciation for your remarkable help you have given us a connection to a past, that has been so brutally torn away from us and now  we have a little connection.”

„I can’t thank you enough for this treasure trove of information! It brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart to know that we can now remember these family members in a way that we couldn’t have in the past.”

„The information you collected and sent will help us a lot and serve all of our family. It was a pure pleasure to meet with you and see the professionalism and skill with which you worked to search and discover the information. Special thanks for your patience with us.”

„My mother cried from happiness when she saw all the information you sent. It’s amazing how you found all of this information!”

„You were extremely kind and generous with your wisdom and time when I met you, and I appreciate it greatly.”

„OMG. You are amazing!”

„It has been an unbelievable lesson in life, a journey connecting with Marysia. Thank you!”

„Love you!!!”

„You found and presented us about our Family. My father is 82 years old and his parents never spoke.“

„Thank you, you helped me so much. It was so nice to be a part of such nice and competent conversation, especially, that you were speaking mostly.“

„I’m really speechless. You are a treasure and I’ll be in touch. Thank you from the depth of my heart."

 “Please accept the words of my immense gratitude for the priceless information.”

„I appreciate your brilliant, thoughtful, and intelligent instinct and interpretation.”

„I am at a loss of words to express my gratitude to you for helping me, guiding me, teaching me and spending time with me.”

„JHI — just the BEST. They gave us back our past. We are so very indebted to JHI, Warsaw.”

„I wanted to thank you for your time yesterday meeting with us and the insights you gave us. It was very interesting, enjoyable and insightful.”

„I wish to thank you again for who you are and for your professionalism and humaneness. We all felt that you are a special person, and you gave us a feeling that you are part of our family story.”

„Thank you so much for your expert and heartfelt assistance.”

„I can’t even tell you how thankful I am. It is really something l couldn’t even dream I will experience. Everything is thanks to you.”

„Only one word — Thank You! Thank you for the great help, thank you for finding so much information about the family. Thanks to you we managed to find a new family in Toronto. Thank you for the patience and the understanding. Toda Raba.”

„Waw, I’m so excited of all this research and your huge huge help!”

„Thank you so much!!!That’s AWESOME!”

„Oh my. I just got up and saw this message. You are wonderful!”

„So sorry for the chaos in my writing, but I am so moved and excited with all of this. I didn’t believe, that a search can be done. Please accept my gratitude for your kindness in this search, which is so important ofr me.”

„You have given me the first breakthrough in 6 years, thank you so much for your patience."

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