„First, thank you for the depths of my heart for the time, attention and empathy during our meeting at your office in Warsaw. Our meeting has been deeply engraved in my heart as the emotional climax of my experiences in visiting the renewing city of Warsaw. You personal and humane attitude, as well as your methodical and professional conduct, greatly impressed and surprised me. Your important and blessed one-of-a-kind institute is a beam of light and hope, comfort and relief, while remembering and reflecting on the history of our people.”

„The time we spent with you remains on our memories, and discussions between ourselves and with family and friends, inspiring and stunning. i am impressed with the range of your expertise no less than your dedication to those you’re working with. the investigations i began with you are leading me on into areas i hadn’t even yet seen. already, i’ve found at least traces of family long lost, and with that, cultures long lost, waiting for us.”

„Any time somebody tried to say a word, they all started crying so we gave up. Our family history was mostly one big silent. On behalf of all the family in Israel we would like to thank for the wonderful and extraordinary gift you gave all us after ore than 70 years. God bless you. Amen.”

„You have been wonderful. And you have made me realize that finding more is possible and I intend to do so. Thank you so much for all that you did to set us on the right path.”

„Thank you very much for your thoughtful and informative reply. I find this all extremely fascinating and interesting and heartbreaking.”

„You have no idea what this information means for us. It is difficult even to find the right words for it what we feel. Danusia is for us a family member, my grandmother thought about her always as if she was a sister. The whole life she couldn’t accept, that Danusia was taken.”

„Thank you again for your time, your invaluable advice, your willingness to help and your kindness. I remain amazed at the amount of knowledge that you have.”

„It was a great honor and pleasure to meet you. I would like to acknowledge you for your fantastic work, thank you so much for illuminating and guiding me in the past of my family.”

„Thank you very much. For the time you dedicated to me and for the search for my grandfather family. Your attention to my story and patients was incredible.”

„This is wonderful and exciting information that I never could have imagined receiving. To be able to put the relationships together and learn more about family beyond Berek and Estera is truly incredible. Thank you so much!”

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