Nalewki. A story of a non-existent street. On the 75th anniversary of Aktion Reinhardt

Nalewki. A story of a non-existent street. On the 75th anniversary of Aktion Reinhardt

We would like to invite you to an open-air exhibition

Jun 22 – Sep 21

There used to be a street which was called the heart of Jewish Warsaw. One could buy almost anything there – umbrellas at Puterman’s at number 11, bicycle parts and record players at number 13, products imported from Palestine in the „Tel Awiw” shop at number 5. A quick glance at pre-war photographs makes one believe that it was one of the most overcrowded places in Europe at that time: the Nalewki street.

This world doesn’t exist anymore. 75 years ago, the Germans began Aktion Reinhardt, which led to death of nearly 2 million Polish Jews. In the course of two months, 300,000 people from the Warsaw Ghetto were transported to the death camp in Treblinka. Today, one of few remaining material traces of old Nalewki are tram tracks – running nowhere – at the Bohaterów Getta street and the building of the Arsenal at the crossing with Długa street.

The exhibition is located by the main gate to the Krasiński Garden, from the side of Bohaterów Getta street – former Nalewki. The exhibition is open until 22 September.

The exhibition has been organised with financial support of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, as a part of commemoration events of the 75th anniversary of Aktion Reinhardt and the Holocaust of Polish Jews by German Third Reich.

Exhibition patronage: Wola and Śródmieście districts of Warsaw. Partner of the event: Synergic.

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