Lost World. Polish Jews

Lost World. Polish Jews

Photographs from 1918–1939

January 7th 2016, 6 p.m.
Jewish Historical Institute, 3/5 Tłomackie St., Warsaw
Media Patrons
TVP Kultura, TVP Historia, Uważam Rze Historia, Jewish.pl, Program II Polskiego Radia
Teresa Śmiechowska

The „Lost World” exhibition consists of 133 photographs selected by Leszek Dulik and professor Konrad Zieliński, taken between 1918–1939 depicting life of the Polish Jews in this period. The photography exhibition is complemented by the exposition titled „Mezuzah from this home” by Helena Czernek and Aleksander Prugar, showing twelve casts of old mezuzah contemporarily done in bronze. That way new mezuzah were made, ready to be used.

Both exhibitions can be visited until the end of February 2016. 

The photography album „Lost world. Polish Jews. Fotographs from 1918–1939” will also be available in English, French, German and Russian.

There is also the catalogue for the „Mezuzah From This Home” exhibition  available in English.

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