Hate speech

Hate speech

I exclude exclusion

Social exclusion, stigmatization of otherness and hate in any form have shamefully taken place in the history of the human race. Within the last few weeks the exhibition „Alien and unpleasant” in the Jewish Historical Institute showed anti-semitic drawings from the Polish press of the interwar period, which were one of many manifestations of the so-called hate speech. Today we also come across a language filled with contempt both in the media and everyday life. It is worth pointing out the causes of this phenomenon and it is necessary to stigmatize it. It is a task not only for journalists and moralists but also artists, who by using various means of artistic expression can present some points of view more bluntly and convincingly.

Jun 23 – Aug 29

The exhibition „Hate speech. I exclude exclusion” is a protest of artists against intolerance and exclusion. The works of such artists as Anna Baumgart, Remigiusz Biernacki, Mikołaj Chylak, Zuzanna Janin, Anna Konik, Grzegorz Kozera, Kamil Kuskowski, Jarosław Modzelewski, Andrzej Pągowski, Krzysztof Pruszkowski, Grzegorz Przyborek, Konrad Pustoła, Wilhelm Sasnal, Radek Szlaga, Artur Trojanowski constitute an important dissenting opinion against prejudice, dislike and intolerance. In addition, the winners of Polish national contest „Hate speech. I exclude exclusion” will present their projects.

The above mentioned undertaking is a combination of a contest for young artists with an exhibition in which winners of the context and recognized artists will participate. Therefore, representatives of various generations for whom the common denominator is an objection against discrimination and hatred will take the floor.

The exhibition is under the honorary patronage of Piotr Żuchowski, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

The vernissage will be complemented by a performance of an outstanding Hungarian saxophonist and jazzman László Dés (1954), a winner of many contests and performer at jazz festivals, among others in Nowy Sad, Bratislava, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Innsbruck, Kajaani, Paris and Berlin

Partner of the project: „Never Again” Association

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