Exhibition of photographs of Menachem Kipnis (1878–1942)

Exhibition of photographs of Menachem Kipnis (1878–1942)

Exhibition co-organized with YIVO in New York

Jan 20 – Jun 20

It is hard to believe that photography was an additional activity of this eminent singer, writer, folklorist, popularizer of music. But as it is with Renaissance men, all they do is a result of their deep engagement and passion.

Photography was a huge passion of Menachem Kipnis; we owe to him a fantastic, illuminating, but still artistic document depicting Jewish life in the Second Polish Republic.

As a journalist and co-worker of a New York daily „Forwerts”, mostly he photographed people, residents of cities and towns.

The exhibition presents over 90 photographs from the collection of YIVO in New York, at the same time bringing back the memory of this eminent artist, who spent the majority of his life in Warsaw in Tłomackie; he died in May 1942 in the Warsaw ghetto.

Opening of the exhibition

Preparation for the exhibition

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