JHI recommends: Helga Weissova — drawings of a little girl

JHI recommends: Helga Weissova — drawings of a little girl

an exhibition at the Studio Gallery

Wystawa przygotowana we współpracy z Żydowskim Instytutem Historycznym

May 10 – Jun 02
10 May 2013, Friday 16:00

Studio Gallery in collaboration with the Czech Centre in Warsaw and the Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute will show drawings by a girl, Helga Weissova, made in the camp in Terezin. The works, some of them black and white, the others very colorful, in the style of comic books, document the camp life as little Helga saw and felt it. Excellent drawing and sense of color, as well as the selection of scenes make the story original and full of surprising details. The drawings are accompanied by short descriptions, for example, in the picture showing packing up for the trip to Terezin, Helga depicts her mother counting items of underwear and her father sitting at the desk and preparing the required list of things. “ Leave the things you will not manage to take with you. You will have them all back. We are leaving one bag”. That is how Helga describes the fate of the carefully prepared luggage. In addition to the drawings, Helga wrote a diary, which was hidden by her uncle. Thanks to this, the diaries survived and were completed by her after the war.

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