The celebration of Jacob Dinezon’s 100th yahrzeit

Commemoration ceremonies will take place as part of the SINGER’S WARSAW JEWISH CULTURE FESTIVAL.

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29 August 2019, 1 p.m.  Jewish Cemetery, Okopowa Street 49/51

The celebration of Jacob Dinezon’s 100th yahrzeit at the ohel of Peretz, Dinezon and An-sky, the Jewish Cemetery in Okopowa Street. 

29 August 2019, 3 p.m. – Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute  

Seeking Jacob Dinezon - Scott Hilton Davis’ lecture Scott Hilton Davis is an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker and Jewish storyteller. He is a publisher and an author of a book of retold tales Souls Are Flying! A Celebration of Jewish Stories and Chanukah Tales from Oykvetchnik. He founded Jewish Storyteller Press in 2007 to bring the works of 19th century Jewish writers to 21st century readers. In 2019, his publishing company released the first English version of Dinezon’s The Dark Young Man (Der shvartser yungermanshik). Thus, the author was commemorated on the 100th anniversary of his death. At the meeting, we will have the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with Scott Davis’s fifteen-year project to return Jacob Dinezon to his rightful place in Jewish literature.

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