We continue the project „Linked by history. Polish-Jewish relationships in the Polish territories”!

We would like to invite you to an academic conference which will take place between 20–22 November 2019. We hope to see there historians, but also sociologists, anthropologists, philosophers, psychologists, literature and cultural studies experts.

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We would also like to remind you that our project, „Linked by history. Polish-Jewish relationships in the Polish territories”, comprises not only workshops and conferences, but also a series of publications related to the subject of Polish-Jewish relationships in Polish territories with a particular focus on the last century. The aim of the works developed within the project is to present the multi-cultural nature of the Polish Republic, using the example of mutual relationships between the Polish and Jewish communities, as well as an attempt to finds answers to questions such as: How did the relationships between these communities shape over the centuries? Was there a community of citizens which transgressed the divisions? What was the development of civic identity, culture and a sense of responsibility for one’s country? How did the emergence of political anti-Semitism and nationalism impact the Polish-Jewish relationships? How did the mutual relationships look during the difficult 20th century?

This Autumn, we will publish the first volume of our series — Brothers, foreigners or fellow citizens. Debates on Judaism and its followers in the Polish territories and in Europe by Professor Jan Doktór.

More details coming soon! Please follow our website — www.jhi.pl and our profiles on Facebook and Twitter.


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