The next volume of the English edition of the Ringlelblum Archive

From January 14, the second volume of translations of the full edition of the Ringelblum Archive entitled „Accounts from borderlands, 1939–1941” will be available for sale. Translation of all volumes is one of the elements of the Oneg Szabat Program.

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It is particularly important to translate the Underground Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto documents into English. The materials are being translated from the original languages (Polish, Yiddish, Hebrew, and German).

The translation of the Underground Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto is being done in cooperation with other academic and research centers around the world. It is a large-scale project that will take many years to complete.

The translation is based on the 38-volume Full Edition of the Ringelblum Archive. The entire task of translating the complete edition, is planned for a 10-year period.

In the second volume the reader will find testimonies from the years 1939–1942 documenting the situation on those territories of the Second Republic of Poland which between September 1939 and the German attack on USSR on 21st June 1914 were under Soviet occupation, and later under German rule. It concerns a bit over 50% of entire territory of pre-war Poland, inhabited by around 40% of Polish Jews. After September 1939, additionally at least 250 thousand Jews were staying on those territories. Predicting rising anti-Jewish repressions, they fled from Polish territories remaining under German occupation. Testimonies collected in the Warsaw Ghetto by the team of Emanuel Ringelblum in the majority of cases are being published for the first time.

Edited by: Andrzej Żbikowski

Translated from Polish (: Anna Brzostowska, Jerzy Giebułtowski, Katarzyna Gucio

Translated from Yidish: Jennifer Bell, Vincent Homolka, Daniel Kennedy, Fleur Kuhn, Dianne Levitin, Barry Smerin, Wojciech Tworek, Elena Watson, Rebecca Wolpe

Published thanks to support from the Rothschild Foundation Hanadiv Europe and Rozen Family Foundation.


All volumes of the full edition of the Ringelblum Archiva at the Oneg Szabat Program page

Publishing and translating of the full edition of the Ringelblum Archive is one of the key elements of the Oneg Szabat Program. Program was implemented by the Jewish Historical Institute and the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute of Poland, within a public-private partnership.

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