Tereska born in Lwów in 1939/1940 is looking for her ancestors

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Tereska was living with the family of Jadwiga and Stefan in Lwow. One evening they heard a child crying, they found her in front of their door in 1942 when she was about 2 years old. She was in terrible health condition, skinny, wrapped up in a big check skirt and carried a paper, which said: „Have mercy. She is two years old. With Gods help, I will come back and pick her up.” Jadwiga decided to keep the child and baptize her, as also the neighbors suggested, so she would have a proof, that it was her own child. Tereska was baptized in June 1943. After the war, the family repatriated and were sent to a place in Western Poland, Zelazno ad Klodzko. In 1946 or 1947 someone from a Jewish organization came to pick her up, but the adopted mother didn’t agree to let her go with them. Later rumors in the family said that it was not a stranger from a Jewish organization, but the parents of Tereska or members of her family, that they wanted to pay for the child, but it seems not to be true, as a real family wouldn’t give up so fast.

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