The temporary exhibition — announcement!

Wide wejs cie

Dear guests!

The Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw is currently preparing a temporary exhibition of the satirical drawings from the prewar Jewish press.

We are looking for relatives of the following cartoonists:

  • Jacob Bickels, 
  • Leon Izrael,
  • Shaye Faygenboym,
  • Chaim Goldberg,
  • Hertske Goldshlak,
  • Frederick Kleinman,
  • Mendel Reif,
  • Samuel Finkelstein,
  • Bronislaw Schneider, 
  • Arthur Szyk,
  • P. Sternschuss, 
  • Yehuda Vermus.

The contact person from JHI is Agnieszka Zolkiewska, PhD:

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