The annual conference about Jewish Genealogy of the IAJGS in Warsaw

Between 5–10 August Warsaw will host the annual conference about Jewish Genealogy of the IAJGS (International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies), The Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute will be a co-host to the conference, which will take place at the Warsaw Hilton Hotel.

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Around 1000 visitors from around the world are expected in over 500 conference talks, presentations and panels. This is the first time such a conference is taking place in Central-Eastern Europe, and a unique occasion to many of the participants to visit their home towns and explore their family roots in the actual place of its happening.

The JHI will take place in the conference – 3 lectures by JHI team members will be available for the conference attendees — JHI archivist Michał Czajka will talk about JHI’s archives and collections, Olga Szymańska from the Educational department will talk about how to reconstruct the physical space of places that have changed tremendously or destroyed, like the city of Warsaw, and the Genealogy department team – Anna Przybyszewska Drozd, Matan Shefi, Aleksandra Sajdak and Nom Silberberg will share their experience and methods in searching for family’s history and heritage.

The JHI will have a booth at the conference area, and the Institute’s databases will be available to search on the spot for conference attendees, JHI staff members will be there to answer questions and share their knowledge.

The JHI will offer free guided tours of its main exhibition — What we were unable to shout out to the world” (upon buying a ticket to visit the exhibition), and a unique exhibition of family pictures of the members of the contemporary Jewish communities in Poland by American photographer Chuck Fishman.

Sessions of the JHI employees:

Sunday, August 5, 8.30 — 9.30 AM — Aleksandra Sajdak, Olga Szymańska, Mapping Jewish Warsaw: Walking in Non-existing streets,

Wednesday, August 8, 9.15 — 10.15 AM — Michał Czajka, Noam Silberberg, The Collecions of the Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute,

Thursday, August 9, 4 — 5 PM — Matan Shefi, Anna Przybyszewska-Drozd, Bridging the Gaps in Polish-Jewish History.

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