Documents found Bruno Schulz’s family!

Usually we help our guests with collecting information about their ancestors and finding documents, pictures, addresses or any evidence of their existence. However, sometimes we also help documents and forgotten forefathers in finding their living descendants.

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Self-portrait of Bruno Schulz from Jewish Historical Institution’s collection

This is what happened in the case of well preserved documents from Drohobycz given by prewar family’s friend. Not only we managed to find the family in Israel, but we also discovered that Kupferberg family was closely related to Bruno SCHULZ. Among the documents there were birth records of head of the family, advocate Brunon KUPFERBERG and of his 2 children, Irena and Artur, The King Wladyslaw Jagiełło State Gymnasium and high school in Drohobycz certificates, PhD diploma and certificates of affiliation. Documents are in wonderful condition and have been kept by family’s family who moved to Wroclaw after the war. The Kupferberg family survived the war and emigrated to Israel. Bruno KUPFERBERG was son of Markus Mordechaj KUPFERBERG and Cyrla nee KUHMERKER. Cyrla was daughter of Juda Hersz KUHMERKER and Chana nee SEEMAN and Juda Hersz was brother of Henrietta KUHMERKER, mother of known writer, Bruno SCHULZ. Bruno SCHULZ was born on 12th of July 1892 in Drohobycz.

Certificates of Artur Kupferberg

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