Place. Tłomackie 3/5 Street

Temporary exhibition.

Wide dobre
photo. Grzegorz Kwolek

Artists Agata Madejska, Ronit Porat and Anna Orłowska refer to selected moments from the history of The Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute’s building and its closest surroundings. Commissioned by the Institute, the exhibited artwork takes as its departure point the “Blue Skyscraper” built across the Institute’s building, at the very same spot where the Great Synagogue used to stand. Due to its mirror surface, the skyscraper reflects the Institute’s building and, as a consequence, accentuates the lack of the Synagogue.

The complicated history of 3/5 Tłomackie Street prompted the three artists to reflect on how the past can remain an integral part of everyday life unless we let it slide to oblivion. In her installation, Agata Madejska focuses on the relationship between the Institute and the “Blue Skyscraper” and explores the process of collecting memories. Israeli artist Ronit Porat shows through her work how repetition, quotation and analogy may help us when history turns up evidence that is ambiguous and difficult to handle. Anna Orłowska reinforces Madejska’s and Porat’s take on the topic by emphasising the empirical reception of space through filling it with visual and sound material.

The context for the artists’ works is provided by a display of archival photographs and texts written by the Institute’s historians about the building, designed by the architect Edward Zachariasz Eber in 1936.

The exhibition is open from 16 November 2017 until 4 March 2018.

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday: 09:00 – 18:00
Sunday: 10:00 – 18:00

Last entry: 17:00

Free admission until 8 December 2017.

“Place. 3/5 Tłomackie Street” is a part of JHI’s 70th anniversary celebration and accompanies the permanent exhibition “What We Were Unable to Shout Out to the World.” The original exhibit is a key part of the Oneg Szabat program, which was created by JHI in collaboration with the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute of Poland.

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