123rd birthday of Julian Tuwim

Tuwim means good.

Wide  wiadectwo urodzenia
A copy of Julian Tuwim’s birth certificate  /  The photo used by courtesy of Ewa Tuwim — the poet’s daughter

If he was still alive, today, he would be celebrating his 123rd birthday. He, whose surname derives from a Hebrew word meaning good [people] (the surname of the poet is a transformed Hebrew word „towim”, that is „good”).

We’d like to invite you to our Facebook gallery, in which we collected the poet’s emigration documents, unique photographs from his emigration period in life and from his return to the country, as well as many interesting facts about the poet and his family.

Julian Tuwim died suddenly, on 27 December 1953, in Zakopane. It is said that a piece of paper was found in his pocket; the poet wrote on it the following words: „For the sake of economy put out the light eternal, if it were ever to shine for me”.

Gallery on Facebook.

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