Can you recognize this house in Zakopane?

The Genealogy Department once again asks you to help identify the place, of the Speisers family. Is it possible to find the find address in Zakopane from this photo?

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Nella and parents before the war in Zakopane in front of their house.  /  Family archives

Nelli Speiser’s daughter wants to know if she can find the address of this house. Or maybe someone has heard about the Niedzielski family from the Zakopane?

Nella Speiser was born in 1931 in Zakopane. Her father Chaim Salomon Speiser vel Fried was born in 1897 in Terpilowka close to Podwoloczyska and her mother Sara Barer vel Ruttenberg was born in 1902 in Podwoloczyska. They were living in Zakopane before the war. Both parents didn’t survive. Nella survived in several places under the care of Polish families. Her false papers listed the name Stanislawa Niedzielska. We don’t know, if got this name from a family in Zakopane or Lwow, where Nella also stayed during the war, according to a document from the Jewish children home in Zakopane. Photo was made in this children home.

If you have heard of the Speisers or Niedzielski families, or if you recognize your home in Zakopane from the first photo, please contact the Genealogy Department.

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