Complete edition of the Ringelblum Archive in CJL

All the volumes published so far can be browsed on-line in Central Jewish Library.

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Testimony on the death camp in Treblinka. It was most likely written down by Jakub Rabinowicz, who escaped from Treblinka and returned to the Warsaw Ghetto in late 1942.  /  Jewish Historical Institute

We are extremely happy to inform all concerned that all the volumes of the Ringelblum Archive published so far can be browsed on-line, free of charge. They can be accessed through the Central Jewish Library, a digital version of the collections of the Jewish Historical Institute. 

The mission of the CJL is to make all collections of the JHI available and also, by placing them in a historical context, to create working tools for historians, genealogists and people interested in the culture and history of Jews in Poland. The CJL’s collections include the Ringelblum Archive registered by UNESCO as a part of International Memory of the World Program. The collections available at the Central Jewish Library were edited by the Institute’s academic staff and the Digitization Department.

The most precious part of the JHI’s collections is the Underground Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto, commonly referred to as the Ringelblum Archive. 

The archive was started by Emanuel Ringelblum and was operating as a part of the clandestine organization by the code name Oneg Shabbat (The Joy of Shabbat). The group consisting of historians, writers, rabbis and social workers, was dedicated to chronicling life in the Ghetto. Among it permanent contributors were Hersz Wasser, Eliasz Gutkowski, Szmul Bresław and others. The documents collected as part of the archive give a very thorough insight into living conditions in Ghettos, the Holocaust of Polish Jewry as well as document preparations for the revolt which began on the 19th April 1943.

The researchers of the Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute work on editing the documents included in the Underground Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto. So far 25 volumes were published. One of them, the volume no. 13 is available in CJL together with scans of the original documents. Soon such scans will be attached to all other volumes. 

We are inviting you to browse the complete edition of Ringelblum Archive in Central Jewish Library.

The project is generously supported by the David Berg Foundation.

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