Hirszowicz Awards 2016

We already know the laureates. The gala will be held in June at JHI.

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We already know laureates of Hirszowicz Awards given for activity and work devoted to the Jewish subject matter in Poland.

This year the Jury decided to award:

- in the category of social endeavors Mr. Jacek Proszyk from Bielsko-Biała;

as well as Ms. Małgorzata Domagalska for the book „Zatrute ziarno. Proza antysemicka na łamach »Roli« w latach 1883–1912” and Mr. Piotr Osęka for the book „My, ludzie z marca”.

The Jury awarded Mr. Mirosław Bałka for his lifetime artistic achievement.

The gala during which the awards will be presented will be held on the 17th of June, 2016, at Jewish Historical Institute.

Congratulations to all laureates!

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