Collection of Mojżesz (Maurycy) Rynecki’s paintings

We are presenting the art collection available online in the Central Jewish Library.

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We are inviting you to watch the collection of Mojżesz (Maurycy) Rynecki’s paintings from the Central Jewish Library.

Rynecki was born in 1885 in Warsaw to a family of orthodox Jews. His family opposed his love for art and his commitment to painting. He was a private student of Ignacy Gajewski in Siedlce and at Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (1906–1907). Later, together with his wife he owned a stationery store in Warsaw. However, in every moment of a spare time he was painting. Starting from 1928 he was exhibiting his works.

He was a member of the board of Jewish Visual Artists Association. He was mostly painting scenes of everyday life of poor Jews, portraits of people at work, in the streets or at home, paintings with religious theme in them as well as portraits. 

Symbolic scenes were relatively rare in his paintings. His favourite technique was watercolors, less frequently gouache and ink. His oeuvres are characterized by vivid colors, sharp linear contour, deformation and expression of characters often bordering with caricature. 

During the WWII Rynecki was in the Warsaw ghetto. He was perished in Majdanek, probably in 1943.

Renata Piątkowska (Polski Słownik Judaistyczny)

More information about Moshe Rynecki available on the website created by Elizabeth Rynecki, artist’s great-granddaughter.

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