Who was the mother of Marylka Richter?

Oskar vel Szyja Mojżesz Richter never spoke with his sons about his first wife or daughter.

Wide helena singer
Helena SINGER (Yad Vashem page of testimony issued by Zygmunt SINGER, her nephew) and the first wife of Szyja together. We think the resemblance is amazing.

Oskar vel Szyja Mojżesz RICHTER was born in Chrzanów in 1910 to Markus Jakub RICHTER and Brandla nee SCHMEIDLER. He was the youngest of the siblings: Dawid, Ester and the twins Josef and Henryk, who were violin players in their own orchestras. Szyja operated hair salons in Jaworzno, Bielawa and Chrzanow. He married and had a daughter Marylka, born in Jaworzno around 1936. When the war started or even before, Oskar/Szyja went to Russia. He survived and married another survivor after the war in Walbrzych. They were living in Bielawa and left to Israel in 1950. He never spoke about his first wife or Marylka. They found out years after his death, when reviewing old photos with their mother. She knew about the first marriage and the child.

In the Yad Vashem data base a page of testimony was issued for Marylka with the information, that she perished in Jaworzno. But on the photo of Marylka, which was kept by Oskar/Szyja on the back the name „Emil SINGER“ and his address in „Lwow, Zamojskiego street 1 ap.9“ is listed. Is it possible, that Emil was a relative of Szyja’s first wife? Why did someone place this address on the back of the photo? Maybe Oskar/Szyja received the message that Marylka stayed with him in Lwow in the first years of the war? We found an Emil SINGER in the survivors registry, kept in our archives, a lawyer from Kraków, who spent the war in Russia. His family had some connections also to Chrzanów and Jaworzno. We found Emil‘s son, Zygmunt in Israel and Bernard, one of Oskar’s sons is trying to get in contact with him. Among the Yad Vashem pages issued by Emil’s family is a photo of Emil SINGER‘s sister, Helena. Her resemblence to Oskars first wife is quite amazing. 

We are kindly asking anyone who could help us learn more about Marylka’s fate as well as help us find out who was her mother, to contact Jewish Genealogy Department of the JHI. 

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