New collection in the Central Jewish Library

As of yesterday the collection of 45 postcards sent from the Warsaw Ghetto can be viewed online in the CJL.

Wide 26.03.41
One of the postcards from the collection

The collection of 45 postcards sent from the Warsaw Ghetto to Lisbon, London and Paris donated to the collection of the Jewish Historical Institute by professor Anita Prażmowska, who took care of it after the death of Tamara Deutscher, its owner and addressee of most of them. 

Miss Deutscher, a Jewish woman from Łódź left Poland soon after the outbreak of II WW. When here family was sent to the Warsaw Ghetto she was already safe in London. The only way she could stay in touch with her family in occupied Poland was sending mail via Polish diplomatic post in Lisbon in neutral Portugal, where her acquaintance Stefan Rogasiński was working. From this correspondence emerges horrifying picture of living conditions in the Ghetto.

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