71st anniversary of the death of Hersz Berliński

On 29th September 1944 r. member of the Jewish Fighting Organization was killed in action in Warsaw’s Żoliborz.

Wide berlinski

On 29th September 1944 r., during the Warsaw Uprising, Hersz Berliński, member of staff of the Jewish Combat Organization was killed in action.

He was born in 1908 to a family of a poor textile worker in Bałuty neighborhood in Łódź. He and his father parted ways when the latter accumulated substantial wealth during the Great War. Hersz moved out and it happened that he was organizing strikes at the small factory belonging to his own father.

In 1923 Berliński joined Cukunft organization and moved to Poale Zion Left a year later. He was very active in youth and worker’s associations. After the WW II broke out he fled Łódź and went to an area of Poland occupied by the Soviet Union. Eventually made it to Warsaw where he got involved in underground movement. He co-founded under of a clandestine organization Borochow Jugent. He strongly supported an idea of armed resistance and smuglling Jews out off of Ghettos and into the forests where they would formed guerrilla units.

In the Warsaw Ghetto Hersz Berliński worked in Landaus’s factory. He represented Poale Zion Left in the staff of the Jewish Combat Organisation and during the Ghetto Uprising was commanding a unit formed by the members of PZL. His group fought under Marek Edelman’s command in brush workshop area. 

He was evacuated from the Ghetto through the sewers and after a stop in Łomianki made it to the forests surrounding Wyszków. Berliński was in partizan unit comprising of members of the JFO. After few weeks he returned to Warsaw and was hiding on the „Aryan side”. It was during that time that he wrote down his memoirs in Yiddish Draj. Pola Ester, Hersz Berliński. Elijahu Erlich (published in original language in 1966). They were published in Hebrew under the title Zichronot [Diaries] in „Jalkut Moreszet” in 1964. 

He fought in Warsaw Uprising as a member of the unit formed by the Jewish Fighting Organization. In 1945 he was posthumously awarded with War Order of Virtuti Militari.

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