Promotional meeting for Joann Michlic’s book in Cracow

On 21st September we are inviting you to Galicia Jewish Museum.

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We are kindly inviting you to a meeting with Joanna Beata Michlic, the author of the book titled „Poland’s Threatening Other. The Image of the Jew from 1880 to the Present” published in Poland by Jewish Historical Institute.

The meeting will be hosted by Marta Duch-Dyngosz (”Znak” Magazine).

In her provocative and insightful book, Joanna Beata Michlic interrogates the myth of the Jew as Poland’s foremost internal “threatening other,” harmful to Poland, its people, and to all aspects of its national life. This is the first attempt to chart new theoretical directions in the study of Polish-Jewish relations in the wake of the controversy over Jan Gross’s book Neighbors. Michlic analyzes the nature and impact of anti-Jewish prejudices on modern Polish society and culture, tracing the history of the concept of the Jew as the threatening other and its role in the formation and development of modern Polish national identity based on the matrix of exclusivist ethnic nationalism. 

Admission free.

Galicia Jewish Museum is located on 18 Dajwór St. in Cracow.

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