“Hell is burning, hell is burning!”

We invite you to participate in a ceremony in celebration of the 72nd anniversary of the revolt and escape organized by the Jews imprisoned in Treblinka. The ceremony will take place on the 2nd of August next to the central monument. Samuel Willenber, the last living escapee, will be the guest of honor.

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“Hell is burning, hell is burning!”- Shouted Samuel Willenberg, escaped prisoner, as he ran aross the meadow next to the Treblinka death camp. It was the 2nd of August 1943.

From the 23rd of July 1942, when the first transport of Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto arrived in Treblinka, to November the following year, over 800 thousand people died there. On the 2nd of August 1943 members of the Sonderkommando managed to instigate an uprising intender to destroy the Treblinka death camp. Only 200 people managed to escape the camp, and only a 100 of them lived to see the end of the war. After the revolt, the camp was soon shut down. In November 1943 the camp’s buildings and facilities were taken down, the ground ploughed and planted with lupins.

The commemorate the victims of the Treblinka death camp, on the 72nd anniversary of the revolt and escape of the Jews imprisoned there, we invite you to the yearly meeting. The ceremony will begin at 1 by the main monument.

The guest of honor will be Samuel Willenberg, mentioned above, the last living escapee, who lost two sisters in Treblinka. After reaching Warsaw, he hid using “Aryan” papers and on the 1st of August 1944 he took part in the Warsaw Uprising, as part of the Home Army (Armia Krajowa) and later PAL (Polska Armia Ludowa).

After the ceremony by the monument, at around 12.30, the opening of the “Searching for Treblinka” exhibit will take place. The exhibition contains objects found, in the area where the Treblinka death camp once stood. During the archaeological excavations conducted as part of a seven-year-long project run by dr. Caroline Sturdy Colls from Staffordshire University.

Together with the permanent exhibit, a temporary exhibition called “Treblinka through the eyes of an artist” will be presented. It will consist of the works of seven artists who were inspired by the objects found during the dig. 

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