Anniversary of Szymon Askenazy’s death

Today is the 80th anniversary of Szymon Askenazy’s death.

Wide szymon askenazy   szkice i portrety   1927  2

“With Szymon Askenazy we not only lost one of the most prominent historians Poland has ever had. We lost one of the main people of the era of fighting for and rebuilding Poland. One of the people who, in the pre-war time and during wartime, most influenced the national consciousness, and directed the path of Polish action. And one of the people who, during the creation of the Republic of Poland, put in a great effort and made many a sacrifice to see her become a world power”. 

Marian Kukiel, Szymon Askenazy (1866–1935), „Czas”(Time), 25 VI 1935, issue no 172, page 3

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