The Central Jewish Library’s Collection available on The Europeana Portal

As of May 2015 parts of the Central Jewish Library’s collection are available in the Judaica-Europeana database.

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Europeana is one of the largest European digital libraries. Its main mission is the preservation and dissemination of European cultural heritage through making it available in digital format. Its resources include collections from the largest and most prominent European libraries, archives and museums.  

Creating the Europeana database became possible through the cooperation of organizations all over Europe. The project is being constantly developed, the databases continuously expand and new partners keep joining in. 

As of May this year, part of the collection belonging to the Central Jewish Library (a digital library containing archives, documents, press and books belonging to the JHI) has become available in the Europeana database thanks to the cooperation between the two institutions. 

 The CJL’s collection can be found the section of the Europeana dedicated to Jewish heritage in Europe- Judaica-europeana. This part of the database contains an extraordinary collection of documents concerning Jewish history and culture. All in all the collection includes over 3,7 million unique documents from the most prominent centers of Jewish history and culture, not only from Europe but also from all over the world. We are very proud that the JHI has joined this remarkable group and can participate in this wonderful project with other institutions.  

You can find more information on the available collection on Europeana’s website.

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