The “Kosher” Tax

14.04.2015, 11 a.m.

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The tax, called the kosher tax, paid for the ritual slaughter of animals and the maintenance of Jewish community institutions, was, until the Emancipation Order of 1862, the most hated symptoms of the inequality of Jews in Congress Poland. However, after it was abolished, money for maintaining these institutions on Warsaw quickly ran out. There was no turning back. 

The issue of the qahal taking over the ritual slaughter reemerged in the interwar period. This solutions was promoted by the authorities (The Ministry of Religious Beliefs and Public Enlightenment) and the leaders of the Jewish Community, lead by Yehoshua Farbstein) tried to implement is without success.  The resentment of this solution caused the resistance against the bill concerning local economy that came out on the 9th of September 1931. 

Dr hab. Rafał Żebrowski will lead the seminar.

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