Screening of “The Manhunter” from 1963

Next Thursday we invite you to a screening of “The Manhunter” a movie directed by Czesław Petelski and Ewa Petelska.

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The little known and rarely screened war drama by the Petelskis shows the horror and savagery of war. The Manhunter is a difficult movie. Its creators very accurately pictured the process of dehumanization, the moment when an individual stops perceiving others as human beings and starts mentally assigning them subhuman or animal characteristics, which allows the individual to harm and murder people without hesitation. On the other hand the film shows readiness to take risks and make sacrifices for the good of others, even at the price of one’s life. 

The film is full of excellently drawn characters and allows us to view the full spectrum of human emotions: hope, fear, anger, hate and love. 

The Manhunter received a Special Award at the Locarno International Film Festival (1964). 

Film critic Tadeusz Sobolewski will be the host of the evening.

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