Cultural diversity in Warsaw during the last stages of the republic of nobles (Rzeczpospolita szlachecka)

26.03.2015, 6 p.m.

Wide warszawa wielu kultur

From the beginning of the 16th century Warsaw was a city closed to Protestants and the followers of Judaism. Non-Catholic Christians were refused citizenship and Jews were forbidden from staying in the capital at all. However these limitations were never fully enforced. In the 18th century Warsaw was becoming a city more and more diverse when it came to nationality and faith. Many Germans came here since the rule of August II the Strong, not only from Saxony but also from Prussia and Austria, as well as many Frenchmen, Russians and Italians. Armenians, Greeks, Czechs and Hungarians settled in the capital. During Stanisław August Poniatowski’s rule there exited many religious communities uniting Jews, Lutherans, Reform faith followers, Unities and Orthodox Christians.

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