The Jewish Historical Institute during and after march 1968

Dr hab. Tadeusz P. Rutkowski (University of Warsaw, Institute of History, History of the 20th Century Department.), 17.03.2015, 11:00 a.m.

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The topic of the lecture will be the history of the Jewish Historical Institute during the Gomułka period, particularly the government’s attitude towards the Institute and its employees’ reactions. The key point of the analysis is the situation of the JHI and its employees during the Anti-Semitic campaigned waged in the spring of 1968 and its impact on the Institute’s functioning. The lecture is based on documents from the Polish United Workers’ Party (PZPR), the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN), the Ministry of Interior and the Security Services of the Polish People’s Republic (SB). 

The Seminar is held by the Modern Jewish History/Culture and its Relationship to Polish History/Culture Research Laboratory.

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