Sara Haber from Nadwórna and her family.

Max-Mordechai HABER, lived in Stanislawow, father of Baruch HABER, grandfather of Sara, Sofie, Dora and Max. He passed away before the family emmigrated to Duisburg in Germany in 1919.

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Baruch HABER, born in 1882 in Stanislawow, or the region, father of Sara and her siblings.

Wife of Baruch HABER, Sara’s mother — Jeta HABER nee KNOLL born in 1879 in Nadwórna, she was a daughter of Jakob Ber and Miriam nee KRAUTMAN — Jakob Ber was a landowner in Majdan Górny, Galicia, the family of his wife Miriam were landowner in Nadworna

Sara HABER, here 6 years old — in the middle between her sisters: Sofie, 7 years old and Dora, 3 years old. Their brother Max/Mordechaj, who was born in 1913 and was too young to come to the photographer, so he doesn’t appear in this beautiful photo.

Report card of Sara HABER, born 1908 in Nadworna — from her jewish school: SAFAH BERURAH (school name) from Nadwórna (April 1919).

Haber Sara, student in 1st division
Manners and behaviour — exquizite
Effort in learning — continous
Reading — excellent
Writing — very good
Language — good
Spelling — good
Singing — very good
There are no scores for: 
Religious studies
Jewish History
Bible (i.e. — Old Testament)
Physical Education
General advancement — very good
missed only 3 hours
Nadworna, 31 Nissan 5696 ~ Apr-May 1936, Yehudit Bashuner – principle.

Sara HABER, born in 1908 in Nadworna, Galicia, daughter of Baruch and Jetta nee KNOLL. 
This photo made in 1936, already in Duisburg, Germany, where the family emmigrated in 1919.

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