Photographs from Auschwitz — Birkenau

29.01.2015, 6: pm

Wide miejsce

On the 70th anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau we invite you to a meeting with Paweł Sawicki from the National Museum of Auschwitz-Birkenau. The meeting is part of the Thursdays at Tlomackie cycle. Pawel Sawicki is the author of the “Auschwitz — between crime and sanctity” and the “The Place Where You Are Standing…” album which contains 31 historical photographs showing the extermination of Jews in the Auschwitz II — Birkenau camp, taken in 1944 by SS men and compares them to current photographs of the same places. He will talk about the photographic documentation from the German Nazi extermination camp Auschwitz — Birkenau.

The archival photographs from the so-called Lili Jacob’s album from 1944, taken by SS men during the reception of a transport of Hungarian Jews in Birkenau were compared, side-by-side, with modern photographs taken in the exact same places.


31 photographs were chosen from the Lili Jacob’s album which contains around 200 images. They show the stages of a Jewish transport being received in Birkenau: from the arrival at the ramp, through the selection into those capable of work and those not, to the pictures of people being led to their death and those led to the camp. The archival photographs — despite their tragic context — are full of people and easy to read situations. The modern ones shock you with the emptiness and stagnation. At the same time the modern images were not meant to be a perfect replica of the historical documents. The main purpose of the authors was to make the visitors of the Auschwitz Memorial aware that it all happened here. The place where you are standing.

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