Kindertransport — the history of the program for saving Jewish children 1938–1939 and its consequences

20.01.2015, 11:00 am.

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On the 5th of November 1938 the representatives of Jewish organizations working in the United Kingdom determined, during a meeting with Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, the general measures connected with the project later known as Kindertransport. Up to September 1939 the Refugee Children Movement, in cooperation with British charitable organizations, managed to organize the transport of almost 10,000 Jewish children under seventeen from Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland and the Free city of Danzig. The need for assistance overwhelmed the expectations and the capabilities of the organizers. The basic assumption of the project — that the children would remain in the United Kingdom only for a short while — failed as well. During the presentation we will discuss not only the premise of the project and how it was carried out, but also the more and more often criticized organizational measures and the way the children and their caretakers were supervised in the United Kingdom.

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